Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Wrangling Look

As K.C. walked into my office to go to lunch, he looked at my face and blurted - "What's with that wrangley look?". He was of course referring to the 17 day stubble of growth protruding from my face.  (thankfully no picture of me is attached)

Now wrangley is not a word so did he say wrangling, or wrangled - regardless he got his point across.  Actually the verb wrangle has several choices on meaning:

 (1) to argue angrily with someone
 (2) to get (something) by clever methods or by persuading someone
 (3)  to control and care for (horses, cattle, etc.) on a ranch

Definitely the early beard look reminds us of a western cowboy herding cattle up to Montana.  Add to that Susan's dislike of the new look and you could say that there is an argument brewing.  Or the real answer is that it was my way (a clever method) of persuading Ellen to join me in a six week study of the Book of John (the suggested next steps from the week at JH Ranch).

So - for six weeks the wrangle will grow - in face, and spirit.

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