Monday, August 10, 2015

Earn a Friend

This last week I set a goal to not access computer or email after 6pm and limit the use during the weekend.  Not an easy feat.  How did I fill that time?  Gardening, Reading, Movies with Ellen, Napping, and Relationship stuff.  I even took time to complete a project in my backlog - Relationship Matrix.

I dreamed up a matrix to quantify relationships or friendship.  I figured that a friend can be viewed as a function of elapsed time known and quality time "earned". 

Aristotle said that friendship transcends justice and that it is the highest form of love.  He delineates friendship into three types:

(1) Friendship of mutual pleasure
(2) Friendship of utility
(3) Friendship of respect

He derives these three kinds of friendship from the three kinds of good:

(1) The good that gives us pleasure
(2) The good that is useful
(3) The good that is moral

There are ONLY three good reasons for doing or loving something:

(1) Either it is morally good
(2) Or it is a practical necessity
(3) Or..... it gives you some kind of joy

What better model to use to determine friends.  And remember ........ to have a friend, you must first be a friend.

Earn a point today -  call a friend!

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