Thursday, August 13, 2015

Three decisions matter

The three most important decisions you ever make in your life all depend upon your philosophy:

• Which God to believe in, if any. A good God or a bad God? A God beyond good and evil? An absolute or non-absolute God?

• Which person to marry, if any. What kind of person do you want to be most totally and intimately bound to forever?

• What career to work at, if any. What you do also reveals what you are.

All three choices depend on one’s philosophy of what is good and what is bad. These three decisions stay with us until our deathbed.
This final lecture (#14 "Final Questions: Who's to say Who's Right") of Peter Kreeft's  Ethics: A History of Moral Thought says it all.  The three most important decisions in your life mark the borders in your life puzzle that reveals the portrait you are painting.  Interestingly, these three questions are the hardest to answer and to know  completely.  I think each answer requires taking risk - or a LEAP OF FAITH.
Each of us will wrestle with doubt and arrogance; misfires and bulls eyes; struggles and comfort; pressure and peace; and in the end wonder - was my philosophy (the answers above) right?  Does it (or Did I) make a difference?
I do believe one thing completely - no decision creates no meaning in life.

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