Monday, November 18, 2013

Fried Turkey Experiment

The Masterbuilt Butterball (Electric Indoor) Turkey Fryer arrived on Saturday November 9th when P.S. was visiting.  I already have my three gallons of LouAna Peanut Oil ready for the Thanksgiving Day experiment.  Susan initially objected by yielded to my desire to try it out one year.  I was convinced it would be a fun time after watching the late night QVC Infomercial promoting the unit.  I decided to buy it from since I received free shipping. 

I've been asking everyone I know for advice and confirmation about the taste.  Unanimously everyone says it is the best tasting Turkey they have ever had ........  and the most messy process to get it.  The best advice came from T.R. (ala Bloody Lamb) who said to be sure to NOT store any oil on the floor for the mice to find.  His other suggestion was to NOT inject any marinade into the turkey and everyone said - BE SURE the turkey is COMPLETELY THAWED and DRY. 

So -  This Thanksgiving will be a Double Turkey output day - the traditional ...... and Garen's Fried Turkey Experiment :)

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