Friday, November 29, 2013

Hot Wings Friday

My version of Black Friday is to relax by the fireplace and cruise the internet for value.  I just can't get excited about joining the crew that left this morning for the Mall.  The reality is,  I got my toys ahead of time - Turkey Fryer, and Patio Heater. 

The Turkey Frying experiment was successful in the end but had it's glitches.  First the construction of the patio heater was not in time before starting the oil.  Consequently, I had to revert to the traditional pit fire for warmth.  I discovered the fryer requires near full time attention as the first 20 minutes were lost when the circuit breaker tripped.  Next, I discovered the oil requires a minimum of 45 minutes to get to the requisite 375 degrees F.  But, once the oil was ready and I had prepped the 14lb turkey - it was a simple 53 minutes to completion.  I completed with 40 minutes to spare.

So in the Turkey contest with Martha, what was the result?   Clearly Martha's 60 years of experience has provided her an advantage over my first year attempt.  At best it was a tie, with most saying they could tell no real difference in taste.  I'll take that ---  and declare success!

Today will be an experiment with hot chicken wings (after all why waste that 2.75 gallons of peanut oil).  And since the patio heater is now operational, staying attentive will be no problem.

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