Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Prideful Physics

You know the type - full of air and "blowing their own sails".  Actually I tried to find this idiom and found nothing.  Clearly boasting and bragging is inferred by "blowing your own trumpet" and the expression "taking the wind out of his sails" implies a challenge to someone's boasting or arrogance.   So putting these together, you could assume the context of "blowing their own sails" is all about pride and public pomp. 

More interesting is the Myth Buster's experiment with blowing your own sail - is it feasible?  The physicists can weigh in on this one - and many did  - see

So -  I guess blowing your own sail does work.   But only if you have fans :)

Myth Busters Episode #165 May 11, 2011

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