Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Heavenly smells

It was Thursday last week, I walked into the kitchen to the heavenly smell of toasted cinnamon bread.   That even made the top entry in my gratitude book that day.  This time of year is abundant with uniquely wonderful holiday smells - the crisp air of a frosty morning, the pine of a decorated Christmas tree inside, hot cider brewing on the stove, turkey in the oven ......  you can add to the list.

So when A.M. punctuated the lunch discussion (about skunks) the next day with the phrase "It stinks to high heaven" the juxtaposition was too close for comfort.  Where did that phrase originate, I asked?

One theory is that it came popular from the Shakespeare reference in Hamlet -  "O, my offense is rank, it smells to heaven; It hath the primal eldest curse upon it, A brother's murder."  Even though this refers to a deed versus a source of odor - it makes the point. 

Pepe Le Pew  -  Warner Brothers


I have concluded that everything must smell good in heaven based on this research - well maybe in high heaven :)

PS --  For J.R. the Song "Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road"  was never recorded by the Beatles (I was wrong).  It was #16 in 1973 performed by Loudon Wainwright III

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