Friday, November 8, 2013

Matrix Matrix on the Wall

At the Board Development meeting for our SVP Cincinnati investee, they handed out a matrix of questions/skills/attributes that each Board member would complete.  It is a great tool in evaluating where there are gaps in an existing Board that a nominating committee can use to determine whom to recruit as a future Board member.  However, the most important portion of the matrix is determining the questions or attributes that you want - not a boiler plate list of items.

Too often surveys and questionnaires are designed without the projection of what data will be received (e.g. the completed questionnaire).  Misinterpretations, redundant data, incomplete data, and/or just worthless questions (once the responses are seen) can create an exercise in wasting time (both the survey designer and the participants).

It's as if the designer hopes that once all the data is received and the Matrix is complete, he/she can put it up on the wall and exclaim "Matrix Matrix on the Wall ...... tell me, tell me ...... about it all".   The answer will magically appear!  The answer never appears - even with the best designer's intent.

The reality is the exercise of design is 80% of the value and the data received is 20% of the value.  Thinking through the questions (regardless of the data) will yield what direction you are trying to decide to move toward.

So you should be saying:  "Matrix Matrix in my head .... instead"  :)

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