Wednesday, November 13, 2013

SVP Cincinnati "The Voice"

Tonight the SVP Cincinnati Partners meet to select the 2013/2014 Non-Profit Investee that we will both grant money and more importantly coach and advise to greater sustainability and impact.  This will be our 6th Investee in our "portfolio of good".  The final three are Faces without Places, Lawn Life, and Literacy Network.  They will present their organization an more importantly describe their needs and how they fit with what SVP Cincinnati could provide.

As I was sitting in the car with Ellen this morning I told her what was happening this evening with "The Voice" of these three Non-Profits.  When I asked her what choice she would pick (based on my elevator pitches of each), she chose LNGC - Literacy Network of Greater Cincinnati.  You might think I have a bias also to this Non-Profit given my past posts of the "The Need to Read" - but actually it will be a very hard choice. 

Just like the judges on the television program "The Voice", I see all three of these Non-Profits as great performers in their own space.  I don't think there could be a bad choice.  Congratulations to each of the three for making the finals.

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