Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Big Hat - No Cattle

On my wall in my office is the June 10, 1960 Public Sale framed bulletin for my Grandfather and Grandmother Wells sale of the farm in Kansas.  Everything was being sold - Machinery, Household furnishings, one horse, and 163 Head of Hereford Cattle.  As I remember the story, right after the sale, they jumped in the car and headed to Arizona for "retirement" (he was 57).  Half way there Grandpa Wells saw a baby calf peering around it's mothers body. 
At that moment in time (his "half time"), he discovered his love in life  and his purpose for the second half.   He and Grandma turned around the car immediately - drove back and settled in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  Grandpa continued to "hobby" farm and raise a few head of cattle and they finally "retired" where they loved to be in Newkirk Oklahoma.
Grandpa was never the type to be "Big Hat - No Cattle"
PS - Song is by Randy Newman
        Book - "Half Time" and "Finishing Well" by Bob Buford

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