Thursday, February 11, 2010

If only I had .......

Famous last words -  hindsight is 20/20!  Regrets - yes I've had a few (sounds like a song).  Many people I've talked to,  when asked if they would change anything in their life - pause and answer -  "I wouldn't change a thing".   That's the easy answer -  after all there are plenty of movies about altering time and it's impact later.

Buyer's remorse is another affliction I am doomed to live with.  And that remorse is re-enforced every time I see something I have recently bought - go on sale (very ugly for those of us with a frugal gene).  And how about those times I conjecture about the opportunity loss of what I could have purchased with the money if only I had not purchased that widget yesterday?

Looking back should only be done with a positive outlook.  Al Cambridge the Managing Partner of Cincinnati Accenture taught me this when I would go into his office with my mea culpa.   "We are where we are -  now let's figure out how we are going to react to this going forward", Al would say.

So get those four words out of your vocabulary -  "If only I had ......"

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