Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fighting the Weather

Funny how we think we are in control.  Just when you think we have conquered the weather, we are reminded of how insignificant we are.  The earthquake in Hatti is just one example.  Nine inches of snow in Cincinnati is another.  For 10 of the 13 hour trip across the US, we (Susan, Ellen and I) saw little snow.  But the looming dump in Cincinnati was in front of us.  Should we brave it out and fight the storm or yield?

Age and experience won out.  We decided to divert to West Baden Springs and have a wonderfully peaceful dinner with glass of wine and relaxed for the evening.  A simple decision that reduced stress exponentially.  Next morning the world had changed and with a sunny outlook and clear roads we entered the beautiful snow covered Cincinnati hills by noon -  no problem.

Was this our most memorable storm?  No because we experienced no storm.  Lesson - don't fight the weather unless you want to lose.

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