Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Scheduling Challenges

Scheduling ones time is a skill, I think is learned.  Now some would contend that there are prompt people (Type A) and late people (Type B) - it's in their DNA.  I disagree.  Instead, I think this is all about scheduling and probability.  The first learned trait is how long it takes to drive somewhere.  There are people who refuse to add contingency into their driving schedule - stop lights, traffic jams, gas stops etc.   I'm amazed at how accurate the Garmin GPS unit is on the expected arrival time.

How often do you get frustrated by your daily schedule?  Ever missed a meeting, double scheduled yourself to an event, been subject to last minute cancellation ----  the list goes on and on.  Many people solicit the aid of a secretary, or technology tool - the old Palm Pilot was one of the first innovations in this arena. But with all the aids and productivity tools - the scheduling errors have consistently stayed the same.

WHY?  Because without change in the schedule - life would be boring.  So the next time you encounter a scheduling conflict - treat it as just another exciting change in your routine.  After all it's so much fun to tell someone that date is booked.

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