Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What's your Font?

'By the way, what font are you using?  It looks great" -  was in an email I received.

And for a technical guy like me -  I have NO IDEA the font I am using nor was it a conscious decision. In fact I am font ambivalent.  This could be a bad thing -  Paul Heagen, a Vistage buddy and expert  Communications consultant, pointed out to me that many Powerpoint presentations are even MORE BORING because of the standard fonts used.

I did compose one of my Christmas letters with a particularly named font as a hidden message one year - but aside from that instance, I just use whatever was cloned from the document I started with or is globally selected for the software I am using.

I do pay attention to the size of the letters as my eyesight degrades.  But there are many variables - size, color, boldness, white space, uppercase - lowercase. 

So the perfect font is...................Calabri  11 pt blue


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