Monday, February 1, 2010

Old Shoe

Last week after lunch Mark Longnecker asked if I knew about the Allen Edmond sale on shoes - so I dropped over to the store.

First some background -  I have worn Park Avenues for over 25 years (Susan thinks it is hilarious that men shoes are named).  I have three different colors and at least 7 pairs still in active duty.  Many have been recrafted multiple times.  I still remember the first pair of Park Avenue's I tried on.  It was like I wasn't wearing shoes at all - it felt like wearing tennis shoes.

Prior to Allen Edmond shoes, I was under the impression that shoes were made to "wear in".  You know - after a year or so the old shoe started to feel comfortable.  The leather begins to look wrinkled, the heel alittle worn,  a few scuff marks etc.

There is just something comfortable about old shoe.  It fits!  It finally looks real.  No wonder the nursery rhyme applies.


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