Friday, April 22, 2011


A.S. said one of his client had BSGO - "Big Stuff Going On" at the Vistage meeting the other day.  I didn't have time to query him on the etymology of this acronym.  But I did like it.

The world is full of sayings and word short cuts - acronyms, initialism, and abbreviations. Now that texting is mainstream new ones are now part of the over 1 million database.  Add to that the special symbols for smiley faces etc and you will begin to need a dictionary just for the short cut initials or symbols. 

BTW B4 all U txting PPL get a big head  - just remember that the early creative text-ers are the vanity folks with the custom license plates.  Just watch for them on the road to get your texting acronym training.

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