Sunday, April 3, 2011

Five on Two

Five on Two is not the fast break during the March Madness tournament - it is the number of humans attempting to wear out two puppies.  Yet the puppies are winning (and this is only day two).   The lingering smell of odo-ban in the kitchen and family room also indicates the strength (or lack thereof) of the puppies bladders.  Luckily all rugs have been rolled up and put away until the battles are complete - or the war lost and surrender occurs.

It would be interesting to see a graph of our energy (generation and consumption) from birth to death.  Like a stock market graph there would be daily fluctuations but the trends would be interesting.  In the puppies case the energy multiplies with two - I wonder about us and what creates energy multiples?  I think it varies by individual personality.  Some of us get energy in groups (generation), while others get drained the larger the group (consumption).  Maybe there is a law of energy in parties - generation must equal consumption.

That principal doesn't seem to hold in the puppy to human relationship.  The humans are worn out!

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