Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday Attire

It is a retailers dream to continue the tradition of dressing up for Easter Sunday. I'm sure a fair share of new Easter clothes were purchased prior to Sunday.  I carefully watched the people's outfits today in the contemporary service. And yes, even the regulars brushed up their attire (I even wore a tie).
Dressing up is only one of the memories I have about Easter. At Friday morning Bible study we answered the question "what memories of Easter come to mind?", I struggled for only one.  Easter sunrise service, snowfalls on Easter, Easter Sunday clothes, the traditional Russian Orthodox Easter Service (from Susan's family tradition), the excitement of hunting for Easter Eggs, Easter flowers, Easter dinner, and Easter family gatherings - to name a few.

Jenna hid the eggs this year and Ellen worked to find them  all.  The traditions continued with ham, kielbasi, boiled eggs and Susan's favorite salad -  sirnaya pasca   Then S.B (Ellen's neighbor friend) came over to decorate eggs in true Russian artistic tradition.  A quiet family day - remembering Indeed He Has Risen or is it He Has Risen, Indeed!!

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