Saturday, April 9, 2011


The "poker" game between Obama, Reid and Boehner came down to one hour before the deadline to close the U.S. government.  Negotiations need deadlines to force decisions and action.  This occurred several times with my clients (the one I remember best was Bell Canada).  Many times the deadline is a personal issue (for Obama Care it was Christmas Holiday - two times). 

The ultimate deadline is coming - IRS April 15th.  Yet just  like the government there is the extension (and now provided all the way to October - the real deadline). Deadline must be a derivative of "drop dead date".  I assume the etymology comes from "if you cross the line (the timeline) you're dead". 

Having deadlines - writing, composing doing anything creative can be challenging.  Yet that pressure can force out great works.  The family tonight is watching Music and Lyrics (yes a chick flick) where the lyricist and music composer attempt together - "pound out" a song.  A wonderful example of how the deadline created a "hit".

Luckily Bloggers have no deadline - hence no "bloggers block".

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