Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Today  S.S. said the secret of life success is Re-framing.  The ability to redirect your thinking about a negative to a positive.  It's not completely the Power of Positive Thinking since you are not ignoring the negative - just learning from it and attempting to create some positive outcome (or view) of the circumstance (now in the past) that you have no ability to change. 

Bad luck, losses, suffering, mistakes etc. are a certainty in life.  "Learn to Lose" was a quote by commodities speculator Martin Schwartz.  The ability to see bad luck as something that happens  (not personalize it or "victimize" it) can actually be the first step in changing your luck.

I like the term Re-Framing because the choice of how you frame an actual picture can transform how you view the actual scene inside the frame.  The painting may be fixed - but the frame can be variable.  Take the analogy even further and you could crop the scene to transform the picture even more.

Looking back at your life can be pleasant memory - just adjust the frame.

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