Saturday, April 2, 2011

Human Training

Today the two new puppies arrived now increasing the pet inventory to five (excluding fish).  Bella and Fitch (who I call Buddy) were born Feb. 13, 2011 to Golden Retriever and an unknown father we suspect was a black Lab.  We will now embark on Human Training - I say that because dogs know what they do - it's the humans that don't know how dogs think or commonly act.

Since the dogs are pack animals they look for leadership - the alpha dog.  Hmmmm this might also apply to humans also.  When there is a leadership void - nothing much gets accomplished.  A group without a leader will find the lowest common denominator in forming and accomplishing tasks.  It takes a leader to recommend, plan, execute, monitor and adjust. 

So I've declared myself as alpha dog to Bella and "Buddy" - after all I think I can be a good leader of dogs  (cats are another thing - probably like libertarians). 

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