Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cats Rule

This weekend marked the graduation of the dogs to the garage and outside with the invisible fence.  Boy are they happy!  Racing around the yard - it is fun to see them play tag and hide and go seek (no longer constrained by those leashes).  After months of "grooming the forest" the invisible fence has extended their play area by another half acre - so much of the fun was running in the woods.

When I went to get their collars adjusted to the invisible fence at Wags Park (a dog park), I saw several dogs swimming in the man made play pond.  I told Ellen we should sign up just so Bella and Fitch could learn early to swim and enjoy the water (Nellie our last dog was always afraid to jump in the pool at our old house).  When I mentioned this to the Vet, he had a better solution - just buy one of those small wading pools and let the dogs go wild!  Great idea - so I'm in the market for a small pool for them to frolic in.

Once Susan got home there was a sigh of relief as the dog pens had exited our mud room.  Tonight the cats emerged in the family room - the calmest I have seen them in two months.  It just proves that Cat rule the household.

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