Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Self Made - Molded Clay

Wednesday Breakfast discussion with the  Armstrong guys can stimulate many different ideas.  Today we discussed the "prisons of ..... poverty, culture, spiritual emptiness, ......   And how does the individual "break out of these prisons"?   I think there are a number of necessary ingredients - the individual desire, mentors, a system that can deliver to hope, and connecting to your purpose in life. 

It is dangerous to believe that we are self made - we have earned everything we have.  The word self is appropriate to this because it is the root of selfishness.  Instead we are a product of everything around us and supporting us - the mentors and heros we have (or had), the help of others, the environment we are given (country, government, and community),  family and friends, economic safety nets, ......

We are all just lumps of clay spinning on the wheel of life.  And the invisible hands of God influence others to touch us, mentor us, and mold us is what we ultimately become.

It takes others to break out of the traditional mold.

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