Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Lazy Philanthropist

The other day I was talking with L.S. about the book I just picked up at the Library - "Give Smart - Philanthropy that gets Results" by Thomas J. Tierney and Joe L. Fleishman  (I loved Fleishman's other book on "Foundations - The Great American Secret".  As L.S. was mentioning his latest social enterprise idea, I said that he was clearly not a "Lazy Philanthropist".

I confess to being a Lazy Philanthropist prior to my work with SVP Cincinnati.  I would write checks to organizations ( I call that Checkbook Philanthropy) without any real knowledge of the organization and how the funds were being spent.  Only later did I discover the site that allows you to research any non-profit and see their 990 tax form. That is the first step in curing the Lazy Philanthropist of his sloth habit.

It is similar to to being a lazy investor.  Like buying GE stock based on it's reputation in the marketplace versus doing fundamental research on the company to determine it's future earnings flow.

Next step after research - get engaged in the non-profit.  Monitor your investment.  Make sure you Give Smart.  That is what SVP Cincinnati is all about.  In fact, I'm not proud - I would like to "steal" the book's by line for our own -    "SVP Cincinnati,  Philanthropy that gets Results"

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