Saturday, June 4, 2011

Gardening Exercise

Now that I have lost 10 pounds (after the one month sickness that knocked me out), I decided to keep it off and find consistent exercise.  The puppies have helped with their walks,invisible fence training, and clearing the forest for their additional running room.  Now I have taken over the watering task that Susan typically performed each year on the new plantings and sod.

Dad seemed to always get his exercise and stay in shape with his vegetable garden.  I haven't yet graduated to vegetable gardening but I did attempt a wild flower 400 sq ft patch in the woods.  Since Susan has not executed on getting the landscaper to plant my requested fruit trees, I may even try planting the trees myself!  This will be the year to determine if I have inherited Dad's green thumb. But even if that fails - I should at least keep the weight off and get that benefit.  Maybe, I will even get the note from the doctor and see if I can reduce my insurance premium (see blog Jan. 6, 2010  Pound of Flesh).

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