Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pound of Flesh = $?

I just changed health plans that required a reapplication process. The application process
required that I list every time I had seen a physician in the last three years- I can’t remember what happened last month. We need an electronic record of your entire medical history on your phone (yes a new iphone app) to solve this problem.

So I casually filed out the applications – first mistake. On the section on height and weight, I put 6’1” and 190lbs (my 2009 goal was to get to 185 and I madeit). Little did I know what was coming next. My insurance broker quoted me at the “super preferred rate” and when the underwriters got done with the application the cost was $25/mth higher than the quote.
Naturally I questioned this – and the broker guessed the increase was due to my weight.

I couldn’t believe it!! - yes, I felt 190 is a bit plump --- but overweight --- how offending! So I called Anthem Underwriting and sure enough the “super preferred rate” requires that my weight be 189. But, I said – “I’m now 185 lbs” ---- Response “You need a note from your doctor”. And my next question – how much would this save me? $12/mth

So the cost of a pound for me - $144/yr

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