Saturday, January 30, 2010

Your Avatar

 OK - so I'm late in getting to the movie Avatar - the 3D IMAX version was $13 a person.  Was it worth it?  I suppose -  the effects were good, the story line fair, the surround sound excellent, and the acting good.  I'm not sure it is that original and unique as parts of it  put me in mind of Aliens, The Matrix, Rambo and Jurassic Park. 

So what kind of Avatar would you be?   On the Wii you can create your own avatar and after many games you begin to expect that you actually look like that cartoon figure.  I liked the fact that in the movie Avatar, the lead actor who was handicapped, could walk in the Avatar world.

The new TV series Caprica has this Avatar -  duplicate yourself theme.  Recreating yourself creates the intellectual discussion about the soul - could that be duplicated also?

For now I will stick with my Wii Avatar - bold glasses, brown hair and a geeky computer look :)

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