Friday, January 29, 2010

Where did the Time go?

I'm in the middle of reading "A Travel Guide to Heaven" by Anthony Destafano.  Chapter Nine - "The vacation that never ends" talks about the mystery of time.  Time travels at one speed here on earth, but we often experience it in slow motion or conversely we wonder how it passed by so quickly.

For years I didn't wear a watch (in fact I don't wear one now because I always have the time on my phone).  It always amazed me at the number of clocks around.  Now with microprocessors everything tells you the time - your computer, the copier, the microwave, the phone, the car, the TV ..... the list goes on and on.

 One of the things I hated most about my job was filling out the time sheet - accounting for every hour of my working time.  When you bill hourly you never want to ask the question:

Where did the Time go? 

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