Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nudges, Nudgee and Nudger

I become much more 'a tune'  to following nudges.  Those suggestions by people to do things that, without a nudge, you would not do --- you would fall back into your complacency, routine, and comfort zone. 

Sometimes the nudge gets more frequent and  stronger - maybe a kick in the pants.  
Who is nudging you today?  Too often we can even get irritated by the messenger.  Or if it is a parental nudge we can even get rebellious and move in the  opposite direction purposely.  Maybe if I pictured the nudger as an angel, I would be more receptive to the message.

How many nudges does it take to move Garen?  It depends on the subject matter.  Susan has a 20+ history of trying to get that number down to one.

And I have always considered her my angel.  :)

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