Thursday, January 28, 2010

Leadership Styles

I watched with interest, the State of the Union address last night.  It caused me to think about leadership styles.

I remember certain people. that when promoted to Partner at Accenture, - suddenly changed.  I always thought that was strange because when I was promoted, the next day - I didn't feel any different or feel compelled to act different.  It was just a title bestowed on me. I felt it was only recognition of work I had already been performing.

Interestingly, everyone else thought of you differently once a new title was attached to your name.  I always felt I needed to correct this mis-impression.  Others took the "title" opportunity to change styles.  Beware of those individuals.

True leaders don't need titles or elections -  or State of the Union speeches.  These things are required activities of leaders but don't make them leaders.

You can only be leading when others join you willingly.  Leadership must be earned everyday.

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