Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Clean Slate

Yes -  I confess I am I "Pack Rat" and have real difficulty throwing anything away.  This is especially true for electronic stuff.  Part of the unfinished basement looks like the scene in Star Wars where the Jawas scavenged for scrap robots.

Over the weekend I decide to wipe out and restore to factory settings two of the old laptops I refuse to throw away.  Actually it was a great feeling - almost like getting a new computer.  It is like starting over - a clean slate.

It doesn't take long for a laptop to bog down with junk - uncontrollable junk that we are conditioned to leave on the computer.  I remember too many times thinking I could tune a computer by deleting this stuff only to find I cost myself countless hours trying to restore because I deleted something important.

So if this "clean slate" feeling is so good - why do I avoid throwing anything away?

Because I didn't really throw anything away  -    I backed up all that computer clutter stuff on spare hard drive -  the unfinished basement for all my junky computer files.

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