Friday, January 15, 2010

Number Please

What is your number?  Not the commercial by a Financial firm with the guy walking around with a number with a dollar sign indicating what he needs to retire on.  No I'm talking about all those numbers that you go through life memorizing - your Social Security #; phone numbers; your house number; user id & password numbers; employee number; PINS and the list goes on.  Problem is those numbers (all except the SS #) continually change during your life time.

Machines and software talk with numbers.  "Please enter your customer ID followed by the # key.  Please say or enter your PIN".   And only after you are validated as a number can you talk to human.  And even then the human asks you to verify numbers - "For security reasons could you give us your date of birth and home address". 

Even your name becomes a number on the telephone key pad.  Garen is 42736.  It is no wonder in the history of civilization there is great meaning put to numbers and the mysteries about those numbers.  A thousand years from now an archeologist will unearth a lottery ticket and determine some hidden meaning in the sequence. Maybe it is your number.

534559 735115   :)         03 18 43 51 56 -- 06    28 31 53 55 56 -- 08

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