Monday, January 25, 2010

A Shift in Time

The VCR (Videocassette Recorder) for home use was introduced in 1965.  Finally! we said ---TV scheduling freedom...  and the ability watch a movie if you missed it at the theater. 

 I just "caved" and signed up for the $10/mth DVR (Digital Video Recorder).  Why -  I couldn't stand taping football in non-HD on my old VCR.

 And once again the Cable TV (actually the precise term is CATV -Community Antenna Television) has the edge on quality viewing by charging you an extra $10-$15/mth for the Digital and HD package. It is just like the old 1970's need to get away from snowy antenna reception - Deja Vu.

It's hard to watch in anything but 1080i  High Definition.  Susan swears she enjoys the old resolution.

And we all justify these DVR's by our ability to fast forward through commercials.  We are saving time and watching only what we want - when we want to.  We are in control of our time :)

In the book -  "A Geography of Time" by Robert Lewis he refers to the Tempo - Speed of Life. 

So my DVR  -  a shift in time  ---
                                                    with fast forward
                                                                                    is syncopation          
                                                                                                                  and Prestissimo ( 200 bpm)

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