Monday, January 4, 2010

37,869,120 to spend

Thanks to Rev. Greg Stover for an great sermon for the start of the year.  The 38 million is the approximate number of heart beats you will have in 2010.  It's interesting he used heart beats in the message about what to do, where to spend time, how to "spend your life". 

I've always joked that each person has a fixed number of heat beats available in their lifetime - which is why I relax --- minimize the stress and conserve those heart beats :)    Many people have countered that theory saying exercise will help lower the your rate of heart beats.  YES but all that strenuous exercise created rapid short term beats and great volatility.

Several years ago I got a home blood pressure machine.  I thought I would regularly take the pressure, beats and keep a record of this - NOT.  Too much effort and time for what benefit?  I think they should make machines that do that automatically for you. 

I've already spent 720 beats blogging about this - just a few more million to go -- heart beats that is.

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