Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sleeping In

It's a great feeling to "sleep in" for the morning occasionally.  Now that I am on a 5:35am schedule of feeding and walking the puppies the ability to sleep in is a luxury.  Susan gave me that opportunity this morning.  But even with an extra 3 hours of semi sleep state, I will appear 3 hours ahead of Jenna, Paul and Ellen. 

Sleep is an interesting subject.  There are some who can feel fine with only 5 1/2 hours per day (mine is about 6 1/2 with the aid of coffee). It changes over time from infant to elder.  It is as important to be "at peace" while sleeping as maintaining a positive stressless attitude while awake.  A restless state is unhealthy and dangerous.

I remember Uncle Maurice (Retired Major in the Airforce) stating during Desert Storm that one of the war strategies was to bomb continuously for 30 days.  That constant restlessness of the enemy with the sound, vibrations, smell, and fear in the air would "break" them down completely. 

So the 25-33% of our life spent sleeping is just as important as the other 75%. 

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