Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Exponential Browsing

I loved to walk the shelves in the Library - just browsing for books.  A title would capture your attention, or even a color on the binding.  You reach over pull the book out and skim the contents. If that captured your interest you might even read a section.  Finally it might make it to your collection of books to check out for the day. Then after reading the book you might recommend it to a friend.  That might start the chain of reader views and viral marketing.

The internet is becoming the new browsing activity.  There has always been the "Favorites" and "History" capability on browsers but recently I have discovered some interesting "browser/collector" (that's my word) apps -  www.stumbleupon.com www.pearltrees.com www.pinterest.com

The fads on the internet are interesting.  Will Facebook and Twitter fall into that category?  Ellen introduced me to pintrest today - pinning a snapshot on various boards of interest you have.  Like pearltrees you can follow other people who have liked the same web page and begin to follow people with similar interests - hence an instant community of possible "kindred spirits".   Also an ability to use other people to find web browsing nuggets - a virtual browsing partner.

So put your browsing into exponential mode.  Find a browsing partner.

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