Sunday, August 5, 2012

Surprise Spirits

P.S. hosted the family for a wonderful evening of food and conversation.  Susan gets an assist as the two of them prepared dinner a Greek feast.  

An appropriate celebration of Jenna's 21st birthday (alittle late) with a complete history of Spirits from an expert.  Stories about early medicinal uses, the reason for alcohol measured in "proof", the scientific methods of distillery, and the etymology of the word "cocktail"  added to the charm of Jenna's "first" legal adult beverage.

It was fitting to see P.S. around this time since he was a welcome addition to the family tradition of watching tennis (the tournament starts August 11) for many years.  Each encounter with P.S. reveals something new - a new story, a  new fact, and always interesting and entertaining. Even hearing the familiar stories again (I asked P.S. to reveal his new hire story at Accenture to Paul), I learned new details. 

 It says something about the element of surprise and discovery - it tickles the spirit.

P.S.  Thanks  :)

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