Monday, August 20, 2012

Gospel according to Apple

It's fitting that after arguing about technology with D.M. the other day, that Apple has become the largest company in the world (based on market capitalization).  My daughters (Jenna and Ellen) have become Apple addicts.  Susan just "caved" and now has a Mac on her desktop  (although it takes VM Ware to run her dinosaur XP financial software).  The rumours about Apple TV and the iphone 5s continue to keep the hype going and the stock price of Apple up.

The number of ipads I see people with is becoming  nauseous.  I asked D.M and N.M whether they would be buying the iphone 5s and received a resounding cry of exuberant YES!!!!!   Why asked I?  "Because we looooovvvvvveeeee our Apples" was the emotional response.  Just take a look at anyone with their iphone.  You can look because you don't have one - everyone else  can't because they are either looking down at their screen or tapping away.

Clearly Apple has won the hearts of the consumer.  The purely technical nerds are more objective (naturally they think from the head not the heart).  It is the look, the feel, the "I don't have to understand what I have', the "I don't have to understand how it works", that keeps the consumer in love with Apple.

Talking with E.W. (my technical buddy and advisor) we both "just don't get it".  Then E.W. said it all -  "Garen, the arguments about Apple vs Windows is like talking about religion."

He's right.  Better not bring it up unless you are converted.

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