Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Are you a realist or an idealist? Daniel Gilbert's book "Stumbling on Happiness" talks about the actual blind spot in your minds eye - the spot on the back of your retina where the optic nerve connects your eye to the brain.  You don't see that blind spot because the brain fills in the spot - sort of a touched up picture.

"We feel as though we are sitting comfortably inside our heads, looking out through clear galss windshield of our eyes watching the world as it truly is" - the realist.  Instead, the brain is filling in the blanks - assuming things, jumping to conclusions, using memory to readjust, and imagining - the idealist.

Yet it takes realism to practically survive day to day where the idealist could endlessly spin in a conflict of perceived fraud.

"Perceptions are portraits, not photographs, and their form reveals the artist's hand every bit as much as it reflects the things portrayed"

What are you painting today?

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