Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer Ends

Sitting by calm Lake Chautauqua this morning is the picturesque setting of a vacation.  Better than your own cabin is having a family member with the grace of opening theirs to your family.  The entire family (aside from me) is out on the boat taking advantage of the calm water with skiing.  There are two kinds of vacation people - the active, busy kind and the slow, passive kind.   I fall into the second category - enjoying the quiet muffled sounds of the excitement.  A gentle breeze delivering the faint rumble of the speed boats with an occasional bird reminding me that nature rules here.

I have found memories of being here at Lake Chautauqua.  I was first introduced to the location when I was invited by R.M. to his parents cabin near Bemus Point.  Later, Susan and I spent many summers inside the Chautauqua Institute enjoying the topical themes, religious program and music/arts.  There was a wonderful PBS special chronicling the history of the Chautauqua movement.  We are lucky the original founding location is just six hours away. 
Susan and I stayed at the Hotel Lenhart that had been servicing visitors to Bemus Point since 1880.  Our 200 sq ft. room with a bathroom attached (most rooms must use the common hallway bath) has a simple elegance (two small twins with a dresser) that puts you in mind of an 1900 visitor (no air-conditioning).  At breakfast the young college help are dressed in full 1900 attire with their exquisite politeness and respect.

A wonderful conclusion to this Summer!

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