Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Book Redos

What books do you remember that influenced your philosophies, ideologies, morality, and thoughts? Maybe the old quote should be changed to say "You are what you read"
A couple of years ago I began to use the app that LinkedIn provided to list books you are reading and/or recommended.  I wanted to do this so I could easily access and remember the title and author of a book when referring recommending it to someone else to read.  Alas - LinkedIn eliminated the app and thereby destroyed some investment of my time.  A lesson learned on placing any data in the cloud - you better back up your investment of time.  For you Facebook and blogging fan's - let this be a warning.

For Amazon consumers there is great history available on purchased books (assuming you read what you purchase).  The library has computer records but the history is unavailable to the library card holder.  Some physical history can be viewed by any books collecting dust in your bookshelves at home (and we have way too many books at our house).

I decided to try to jog my memory of books read in junior high and high school and found that Wikopedia has a great list of books by year published.  Scanning the list I came up with 25 books that had impact on my thinking in the 60's.  I started re-reading "Inside the Third Reich" (see blog Historical Rhyme) and I know at age 16, I understood very little of what Albert Speer was really saying. 

If you are what you read ..... then re-reading redefines you.  Probably why the Bible gets better each time.

Postscript:  Well I was wrong and a "Hat tip" goes to LinkedIn for customer satisfaction.  While they no longer support this app, I was directed in by a representative to Amazon's site www.shelfari.com  where there was a convenient import feature.  Wallah!!  All 137 books and 90 reviews were imported.  Now I can use Shelfari for my virtual bookshelf! If you want to view my bookshelf go to this link  http://www.shelfari.com/garenwisner.

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