Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Grandparent Thing

Last night Susan and I watched some home movies.  Naturally we would be the only audience willing to view the hours of home movies that I took.  There were times I would just video tape the girls for seemingly endless time (even I had to fast forward through parts).  

We were viewing our lives in 2000 - 2002.  Those years were filled with joy and sorrow and above all transition.  Walt's passing, the house addition at Brill, trip to China for Ellen, Christmas in Woodstock Vt., my career change, potential move, Susan's store opening, Ellen's emergency room visit, and other memories flooded back into our thoughts.  But most apparent was the star of the movies during that period - Ellen's infancy.

Several months ago, I was discussing with A.M. my decade planning project (creating a theme for each decade of life).  We both determined that his journey was a decade ahead of mine.  As I asked for his "eureka" finding for his 50's decade he immediately responded "I totally underestimated this grandparent thing".

My late 40's were filled with joy (re experienced by watching the home movies) and a modified version of "the grandparent thing" of having an infant later in life.  And while I have missed the "grandparent thing" in the 50's maybe there is hope for the 60's :)

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