Monday, May 13, 2013

Growing up

I always loved G.M.'s comment about his career - "I'll figure out what a want to do after I grow up"  (P.S. G.M. is my age).   Today is a big day for both Jenna and Paul. 

Jenna is "in the air" as I write this blog headed to Florida to meet up with her Miami U. friend and her family to go on a cruise.  It is Jenna's first time flying alone.  On the way to the airport (yes as a parachute Dad, I dropped her off), she asked me when was the first time I flew alone.  My best recollection is the trip I took in 1976 (age 21) to Chicago for my interview with Northern Trust.  I ran out of cash while there (long story).

Paul starts his first day of full time employment at USI.  It's hard for me to remember my first day at Accenture (May 1977) but it was filled with forms and all kinds of decisions - disability insurance, withholding exemptions, life insurance, medical options, etc.  There were all kinds of verbal rules we were informed of -  no eating a bag lunch on Fountain Square, attire and presence, CLM's (Career Limiting Moves), etc.

While college is intended as a growing up transition.  In fact, the first week of work and the first net paycheck is the real "rite of passage" into adulthood. 

Thirty six years ago, I officially was considered an adult.  Yet even now (like G.M. says), I've still never grown up :)

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