Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Favorite, Favorite, Favorite

I spent some time creating a list of favorite books in my virtual book shelf.  It can now be viewed at the bottom of my blog site.  Constructing a favorites list (just like you can do for websites on your computer) is a challenge of priority and volume (if there are too many favorites then is it really a favorite?).

Ask someone about what their favorite ________________ is (fill in the blank - book, movie, food, color, number etc.) and you will get various responses.  You will never get a straight answer - it will always be qualified with a redefining question that limits the category.  Example - for favorite food: "Do you mean my favorite dessert?". 

I loved Pastor Jim Nathan's sermon on Mother's Day where he retold a story about three sons as they met up to attend their Mother's memorial service.  In the car, driving to meet his middle brother, the oldest son reflected on the letter that his dearly departed Mother had given him. 

Pastor Jim Nathan read the entire letter.  The hush in the congregation stirred  a little when mid way through the letter the Mother said ...... you were always my favorite ......  I will always love you.

Pastor Jim Nathan continued with the story.

As the middle son entered the car, he reached into his forward pocket and felt an envelope containing a letter that the Mother had sent him and wondered if he should mention it to the oldest. 

Again Pastor Jim Nathan read this letter to us ..... and you guessed it ....  mid way through that letter we heard .... and you were always my favorite .....  I will always love you.

And so it went a third time with the youngest son.  You were always my favorite ...... I will always love you.

Three favorites  :)  No limit in the category of love.

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