Sunday, May 5, 2013

F. F. and PH.

Yesterday, Susan, Jenna and Paul ran in the 5K Flying Pig Race (the Marathon is today).  Now in its 15th year, Saturday's race had over 10,000 people participating.  Jenna was upset that I wouldn't participate.  I said I would run in a race "When Pigs Fly"  :)

Instead, Ellen and I spent the afternoon at Matthew 25 Ministries doing volunteer work (Ellen needed 5 hours of community work in her pursuit of Confirmation at Armstrong Methodist Church). Our job was to recycle paint, taking rusted old cans of donated paint, opening them and pouring the balance into nine different colored 55 gallon drums. I now know how to get rid of my inventory of old paint cans.  

Then the day was topped off with watching the Derby on TV while sipping on a mint julep prepared by A.M.   We had the first official cookout with A.M. and M.M. and during the evening discussion A.M. won the honor of sighting the first hummingbird at our feeder. 

It was a day filled with  friends, fun, and philanthropy (F,F and PH).

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