Monday, May 20, 2013

Final Puzzle Piece

Sunday night was a discussion about the "Big Bang Theory" -  not the TV show but the actual science and whether this theory is compatible with Genesis.  Our Sunday evening Study Group is discussing Dinesh D'Sousa's book "What's So Great About Christianity" and the compatibility of science with religion.

I suspect that everything in science that is discovered, ultimately fits into the overall puzzle of life.  Each unique piece of the puzzle has a place.   You could say that everything that is discovered, once studied (and with time), the purpose is revealed.  Everything has a purpose in life.

In fact, each of us (an all living things) are just one piece of an infinite puzzle.  Parts of the puzzle are clear and easy to understand and other parts are difficult to distinguish and determine their place.  Yet, every piece has it's place and role to play in the master design.

This is why I believe there is a Master Designer.  The Master Designer created the puzzle and "knows" where every piece fits in. But precisely when we feel the final piece of the puzzle is complete, a whole new portion of the unfinished puzzle appears -- the puzzle is constantly expanding (like the Universe). The puzzle in life slips on purpose.

For puzzle lovers like me, there is great joy in an infinite puzzle (or purpose).

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