Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Just Because

Back on February 12, I was reading a devotional from "Men of Integrity" that suggested Spur of the Moment Gifts can be much more satisfying than the Big Five gifts - Valentine's Day, Mother's or Father's Day, Christmas, Anniversary, and Birthday. 

"Here's what you do :  Pull out your calendar and mark weeks during which there are no holidays or other days that are special to your spouse.  Mark that week on your calendar and surprise them on that predetermined date with a gift.  When they ask "What's this for?" simply say "Just Because".

Well I didn't follow instructions and a reminder popped up today on Outlook stating that this was the "Just Because" date that I had scheduled back in February.  OOPS - too close to one of the big Five - Mother's Day (this Sunday).  

But it was very convenient as I passed the aisle at Sam's Club and purchased the bouquet of flowers early for Mother's Day.  Now I better follow instructions and plan a proper date - Wednesday July 17.

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