Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Crispy or Chewy

I think people fit into two categories in the world of cookies - chewy or crispy (soft or crunchy; thick or thin).  I personally like the crispy cookie.  I could find no statistical studies on the distribution of cookie likes although I'm sure Keebler has the data. 

However some research shows that the same cookie type (e.g. Chocolate Chip) can yield chewy or crispy depending on ingredients and cooking process. 

(1)  Chewy ---- Use brown sugar , bread flour and butter.
(2)  Crispy --- Use all purpose flour, white sugar and shortening.

But the key variable is moisture content (water)  - see "Food Studies: the science of cookie texture".   And the irony is that time and air tries to make them the same:

"As in all scientific reactions, equilibrium is desired, so moisture from the chewy cookies will want to leave and enter the air, while some of the moisture from the air will want to enter a crunchy cookie." 

One thing is certain -  Chewy and Crispy Cookie lovers can both agree in principle - Eat them quickly!

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