Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Eight Year Deja vu

Having two children eight years apart creates a hazy but regular occurrence of Deja vu. Well not actually Deja vu, but just a memory of doing the same exact thing eight years ago (an eight year version of the movie Ground Hog Day).

Ellen who is playing JV Tennis (like Jenna did) will start High School tomorrow.  Watching the matches, and attending parent orientation shows how little change occurs in the kids school activities in eight years. Even my routine and activities are similar from eight years ago - a day at the office, weekends at home, Vistage meetings, financial logs ... the list goes on. 

Forecasting change should take this reoccurrence and redundancy in to effect.  Predicting the exact timing of major milestones of change becomes as difficult as predicting an earthquake. But why are we always surprised by the magnitude and suddenness of the event?  Most of these events are probable (within a certain time in life) - K-12; college, graduation, first job, house, marriage, kids, retirement etc.

Eight Year Deja vu will occur for blogging on August 27, 2017 ---- hmmm just three years from now.

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