Thursday, August 15, 2013

Peace of Mind

The concept that we have free will comes into question when you wake up from a night of tossing and turning.  Instead of a restful sleep, the mind has been racing throughout the night struggling with an issue that seems uncontrollable. The brain has a "mind of it's own"  - so to speak :)   So are we really experiencing free will?  Somehow you just can't turn off the inner conflict that culminates into physical discomfort.

Another example is the difficulty in quieting one's mind for meditation or prayer.  Suddenly ideas pop into your consciousness - today's "to do's",  decisions unresolved, feelings, even ambient noise.  The mind seems out of control. 

Yet there are other times the comforting blanket of peace surrounds your soul.  The physical body, soul and spirit seem in perfect alignment and a feeling of freedom from the mind's duty to work comes to a relaxing pause.  What can cause this equilibrium?  Does our free will provide a path to control and initiate this Peace of Mind?

That is the mystery of spirituality.  Who (or What) is really in control?

Is it "Your Piece of Mind"  or "The Peace of Mind"?

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